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Inquiry Management

Why Enquiry Management Module is needed in School Management Software?

You do countless investments in advertising to get enquiries about your services. And what will happen if enquiries are not taken seriously. Every inquiry must be taken seriously, but this is nearly impossible without a strong inquiry automation system. Every lead you receive is an opportunity to communicate and convert your customer. So, you need a inquiry tracking system where you can write follow ups and comments over your query. Many educational institute are using consultation scheduling system to create a consistent approach to every lead they receive and never miss an opportunity to convert it.

Enquiry Management Software is automated module that works on your front office so that every new request is handled with care. Enquires are logged, tracked, and managed systematically so that teams can take action. It works as a third eye over every petition.

Enquiry Management Software is a solution designed and developed to overcome the complications that many institutes are facing in keeping track of the enquiries or leads that they receive.

Advantages of Enquiry Tracking System in School Management Software :

  • Different Sources : Inquiry can have different mode of sources. You can use API to integrate the interrogation module with any of your website.
  • Record Every Enquiry : When you receive enquiries, lead management goes to work in collecting the information you need and change it into a usable format. Each inquistion follows the same systematic process and receives a consistent experience.
  • Enquiry Assignment : One of the major benefits of inquiry automation is the ability to pair lead with the user. The enquiry management software can identify and classify each questioner and route them to the right person for the next step. As it is very essential not to waste any questioning, assign each and every lead to some user, so that it could be taken care of.
  • Follow Up to Every Enquiry : The customer experience is very important in path to closure of every enquiry. Even if you have a best facilities in your educational institute, and your lead handling is not upto the mark. You can miss the closure, and that can be due to follow ups. Properly handling enquiries can help to avoid a bad customer experience by providing timely responses.
  • Focus on Better Tracking : Tracking is very essential thing that needs in an inquire to drive it till closure. It helps a user to check the current status of the query. Even the institute management can track enquiry status over user. Knowing how many enquiries come in each day, their status in the funnel, and how much each one might be worth can help to set future expectations, make purchasing decisions, and even communicate with investors.
  • Increase Enquiry Efficiency : Interfaces are typically user-friendly to keep productivity at its peak. You can identify the most important enquiries using status and priorities easily.

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