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Why School needs an Online Examination System

An online examination system reduces the cost of human errors during scheduling or conducting examination that allows greater flexibility and access for students from anywhere. The traditional method of scheduling exam replaces with online examination system that automates the entire process for scheduling exams. Next School Choice having more than expected features and fullfill all your requirement for conducting an examination. It is very useful for conducting exams as online or offline exams and students can also be able to take exam from anywhere as home through login authorised id. By using this portal there are more than expected features for administration, teachers and for students also. Conduct an exam easily with low time consumption and reduce the workload of manpower. You can easily make question paper, result generation, exam analysis or having more than expected benefits of using Next School Choice


Features of Online Examination System ?


Next School Choice having variety of features that would be helpful for school management, teachers, students. There is single integrated solution that replace traditional method of scheduling exam and easily manages all procedure of examination.


  • Question Bank Management

Next School Choice allows users to create question bank by addition of various questions according to its requirement, and having a functionality to add various question type as subjective, multiple response question, multiple choice question. In Question Bank Management also having many of its own features for multi language, type of questions, marking pattern, positive marks, negative marks


  • Exam Management

Single Integrated solution for conducting an exam which reduces the headache of any educational institute administration and their staff members for conducting an exam. There are more than expected features and fullfil your requirement for Examination Management. Institute administration and their staff members able to create exam by assign type of exam, subject of exam, creation of multiple sets for same subject , adding questions from question bank, and many more functionality


  • Adding Questions

In Question Bank module institute administration and their staff members will be able to add questions in question bank, there are various functionality when addition of questions as the type of questions, assigning maximum marks and minimum marks on the time of evaluation of exams, having a feature of add comprehension of each question, also addition of images according to question requirement, this module also supports multiple language format for each question, having auto save functionality . According to requirement teacher able to give hint and that hint also seen in candidate panel


  • Creating Sets

Next School Choice allows you to generate sets for each exam according to requirement, Exam creation module having a option for creating sets. You can create upto 4 sets for each question paper. Also you will be able to add different questions for each set keep another field is same as total number of questions, maximum marks, minimum marks, time durations, instructions for question paper, and another field remains same for all sets. Creating sets for each question paper really helpful for anti-cheating during examinations





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