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How to make your School Smarter

Most modern schools and educational institutions focus on making their school tasks effortless and offering the best academic experience to their students. The traditional method of School Management System is replaced by the modern method of School Management System which involves ERP for School Management or School Management Software. Next School Choice School Management Software or School ERP allows schools to digitally monitor the school activities along with managing all the resources and information and decreasing the usage of paper work and secure data within school administrative. The latest technology and modern school management tools are much needed for educational institute to become more smarter as compare to their competitor in society. With School Management Software the interaction between school administration, teacher, parents are more closer which can be easily noticed student performance in schools. Completely web- based a single integrated solution anytime, anywhere manage all activities related to school management with advanced features.


Next School Choice School Management Software or School ERP having:

  • Multi- user functionality

    In School Management Software System the school administartion can be easily categorize different users and give permission for access the modules in ERP for School Management according to their role of responsibility. Multi user functionallity have a powerful advantage of the data is fully secured and without permission or authentication data cannot be add, update or delete. The school staff member and teachers of the school can manage all the activities and modules assigned to them with their login id and password.


  • SMS & Email Alerts

    Next School Choice School Management Software or School ERP having SMS alerts and E-mail Alert notification to parents that will be automatically schedules without delays. SMS and E- mail Alerts is a powerful tool in school management software to send information about anything recent and that is important this feature will encourage the good communication between parents, teachers, school administration. Fees payment alerts, attendance alert, meeting alert, emergency alert, time table alert, transport alert and many more alert easily aware to parent by school administration.


  • Data Security

    Data Sceurity is the first priority of Next School Choice School Management Software or School ERP which ensure school management which protects the privacy of students and teachers without involvement of third party i.e end to end encryption in school management system. School ERP secured the data from unauthorized access and the keeps the information safe in school management system. ERP for school management also allows to easily track who accessed information and highlight any irregularity when they happen. In cashless period most of the parents choose online payment method to pay their school fee so it will be make secure online school fee payment also.


  • Featured Modules

    ERP for School Management System provide user friendly module having more than expected features. Next School Choice School Management Software or School ERP fullfill the requirement or need of any educational institute modules as Admission management system, assignmenet management system, library management system, transport management system, fees management system, attendance management system, enquiry management system, leave management system and many more additional module in Next School Choice School Management Software.


  • Efficient communication between teachers and parents

    The traditional method of School Mangaement System does not properly efficient communication between teacher, school administration and parents due to many reasons but through Next School Choice School Management Software or School ERP increasing the communication betweeen teacher and parents becomes more efficient with scheduling automatically alert without no delay. SMS alert and E- mail alert plays an important role in communication between them, School Management Software can help parents stay connected with schools as access to view progress reports, stay updated about important announcement, time table scheduling, daily assign syllabus covered and many more.


  • Discipline tracking

    Maintaining discipline is one of the most important responsibilities regarding a educational institute. Next School Choice School Management Software or School ERP is the ultimate solution for maintaing discipline in School Management System that enables teacher and school administration easily track the student performance and immediately report their parents also notify about attendance, results, examination scheduling, assignment report etc.


  • User- friendly dashboard


    • having a user friendly dashboard for both student login panel and school administartion login panel various advanced features module easily accessible through the dashborad of School Management Software. An interactive dashboard can update automatically to give you real-time status on various tasks or events or functions of the school. Through dashboard teacher, parents, school administration manage easily daily routine this Multi-Feature Dashboard is a user-interactive and the most liked by all the users as school management system. It helps the users to get the updates of all the recent events and activities of the educational institution


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