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The traditional examination approach is slowly replaced by online examinations. Online Examinations or e-examinations are web-based examinations that are conducted through the internet. There are several online examination systems/software that are especially useful for educational organizations or institutions (primary and secondary schools, universities and colleges, vocational institutes and training academies), recruitment (corporate, small and medium-sized enterprises), employee training, employee engagement, etc.

But the question is which online examination platform should be selected? And what characteristics should one look for? It's hard to pick the best because it mostly depends on the organization's budget, business needs, background and learning, and training needs approach.

For the benefit of users, however, let us look at a set of features that can be decisive in choosing the right software for online examination:

  • Better acquainted and easy to access:

I am entirely confident that accessibility is a major concern for training institutes and recruitment agencies conducting mock tests/employment tests in their different test centers spread across different locations, respectively. For them, both the assessor and the assessee should have easy access to online exam software. Using a computer and an internet connection, a user should be able to register and login from anywhere.

  • Allows you to easily create and take test:

Teachers or professors who are relatively new to the online examination software concept need clear instructions for creating and testing. To this effect, the website of the software should contain demos / FAQs defining each element of the test creation process. The test created using the software must be listed on it with test variables such as the number of questions, sections, total marks, passing marks, time limit, etc.

  • Scalable and Guarantees Uptime:

Scalability is a major requirement for recruiters engaged in hiring and coaching campus institutes engaged in student test preparation activities. Online examination software should be able to simultaneously support multiple users across different locations. A good online examination software should not use much of your bandwidth and would only require a computer with an active broadband connection and sometimes a webcam for testing.

  • No need for Invigilating:

All are looking for a perfect score. Test takers sometimes try to cheat on their way to success. Tech-savvy participants also developed several tactics to cheat during an online examination, such as using Google docs to get other types of responses simultaneously, opening Google in a new browser or tab, etc. Testing with high consequences such as University Common Entry Tests, Employment Tests, Certification Tests, etc. cannot allow even the minutest attempts to cheat.

  • Online Reporting and Analysis:

A variety of reporting and analysis options should be provided for trainers and teachers who need to manually correct copies. The scores should be calculated automatically as soon as the test is over; at the same time, participants and evaluators can see the scores.

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