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Charaterstics of School Management Software

School Management Software or School ERP is an important part of an educational institute for easily manage all daily activites of school administrative on a single platform. Next School Choice School Management Software or School ERP allows schools to digitally monitor the school activities along with managing all the resources and information. School Management Software System is a web-based application for effective and efficient administration and management of schools and colleges. There’s no doubt that School Management Software or School ERPcan prove to be an effective tool for achieving higher productivity in terms of scholastic operations and academics of students it not only saves your time and money in school management system but also helps in increasing the efficiency and productivity of work. School ERP also help for reducing the pressure of managaging huge data from educational institute.


School Management Software System replaced the traditional method of data management with paper and pen work to database management system with decreasing the possibility of errors in further process. Next School Choice School Management Software or School ERP is one such software that specially designed and developed for fullfill the all requirements and need of an educational institute on a single platform i.e, a single integrated solution for all management system. Anytime anywhere single integrated solution for School Management System is School Management Software having more than expected features and functionality in which decreasing redundancy and also decreasing the repetitive works. With School Management System Software or School ERP the culture of your institute or schools reflects a modern outlook across different functions. School authorities all over the world are continuously engaged in numerous activities to efficiently manage school functions and provide a better educational experience to students.

This School Management Software boasts a variety of features that improve the overall administration of schools. Various characterstics and features of School Management Software are:


  • Attendance Management System



    In Attendance Monitoring System in Next School Choice School Management Software or School ERP. The Attendance Management System module is also available to student dashboard as well school administartive dashboard from which they can cite the causes of absences. Based on attendance performance students are allowed to sit in examination. In School Management Software System Attendance Management Module bridges the effective communication between students, teachers, and parents by keep them notified about their wards' attendance via Email or SMS.


  • Analytics Dashboard


Analytical dashboard are capable of generating reports by evaluating the students’ academic track record. These reports can help teachers get a clear insight into students’ interest and pain points that needs to be taken care of. Such practice can effectively help in boosting the performance of students.


  • Syllabus Management System

    Syllabus Management Software for Schools allows to define classs wise subject syllabus as per the rules and regulation of Universities and affilation Boards. In School Management System Software or School ERP the syllabus management system has been desgined for the teacher and the administration to manage course information over an single platform. With the help of Next School Choice School Management Software or School ERP teacher to post the daily coverage of syllabus class-wise, month-wise coverage and also cover the total session syllabus. Syllabus management module also available in student panel in which student and their parents also see the daily coverage of syllabus, monthwise coverage and also know the complete syllabus of their academic year through their login on School ERP’s.

    In School Management Software or School ERP ability to uploading information in different formats like Images, word document, portable document format (pdf), or a text files.


  • Enquiry Management System


    In ERP for School Management the Enquiry Management System module plays an essential role for generation of leads. Right from lead capturing to list segmentation, it maintains the status of each enquiry and controls duplicity of leads. This module helps in bringing all the leads acquired through all offline and online modes together by arranging the raw data in systematic way. After an enquiry is added on Enquiry management system in School Management Software, the institute admin is required to perform continuous follow-up with the parents/students to ensure that they are satisfied with the institution.

    Next School Choice School Management Software or School ERP handles all your information with respect to its confidentiality and privacy. We do not share your data with third party. Also all communication between you and the school administration. It is our duty to ensure and take all measures to secure your data on our server.


  • Homework Management System


    In School Management Software or School ERP Homework Management System Module allow teacher can post homework to students and provide necessary documents for reference in various formats with daily routine. ERP for school management system also provide homework management module in student panel to get homework information assigned by particular teacher. Parents can see the homework assigned to their ward and get it completed on time.

    Distributing, collecting and evaluating huge stacks of homework is a burden some everyday sight for most teachers. But now Next School Choice Homework Management Modules is a paperless answer to all your homework and classwork assignment which easy to create and even simpler to manage all activities as late submision, assigning remark. It helps your teachers designate and monitor assignments class-wise while also helping the administration track progress by bringing in transparency.


  • Time Table Management System


    Time Table Management Module in Next School Choice School Management Software or School ERP handle educational institute scheduling and managing timetable. Create attendance, prayer and recess slots as per need in School Management System you can preview the timetable as this Time Table Management Module in School Management Software System.  After the creating a timetable you can allocate teacher and subject to the selected time slot as per your requirements. Time Table Management Module for School Management System having various features as facility to select school working days, time to time re- arrangement can be done, create recess slots as per the need, Teacher and students can view their repective class time table in their login panel. The timetable management system for schools plays a crucial role in creating a structured timetable for classes and examinations across subjects.


  • Leave Management System

    In ERP for School Management System having leave management module for school staff memebers and teacher can chcek their number of leave, leave availed and leave remaining. Leave management module in Next School Choice School Management Software or School ERP is a most important process of the HR department for any institute as it is directly interlinked with salaries. Using the leave management system module you can automate the staff leave requests, eliminating paperwork. Associative leaves which are on fixed dates and mandatory for all School staff memeber, teacher, student, school administartive are also easily managing in Leave Management Module. The traditional leave management system involves monitoring attendance of the staff, check and mark the absence of teachers. In the case of absence, the school management has to ensure all the leave reports are submitted, completed and signed. Using the leave management system module you can automate the staff leave requests, eliminating paperwork.



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